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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Houses Of Sand Require Maintenance

         Many of the mundane pleasures in life are based upon illusion--the contexts of perception we have accepted as reality.  Most of the associations with the false ego-identification, self-importance-have pleasure-bases built around them (the accumulation of wealth, fame, ambition, praise) that to maintain require vast amounts of personal energy to be expended.
        Houses built upon sand.
        Temporal pleasure is gradually replaced with eternal contentment in the Tao, the pursuit of the Primordial Tradition-in essence, Equilibrium-leaving vast areas of attention to be re-allocated and divided up.  Ironically, this otherwise-beneficent state can be a source of division in the realm of relationships already established. Homeostasis is thrown off balance in the new paradigm of "evolution" and great care has to be addressed to roles and expectations shared hitherto with  significant others. 
      Right isn't always right right away.

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