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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Up!!!

      In my effort to extricate my divine nature and soul from the profane aspects of self, I have been subjected to those same passions from which I am trying to distance myself.
      The revealing of these hidden, integrated characteristics can be unpleasant and discouraging as they incarnate as real experiences.  The tendency, at least it has been for me, is to want to feel unworthy and retrogressive when, in fact, the opposite is true.  I was fortunate enough to have drawn this conclusion myself  intuitively but, nevertheless, I can see how this condition of apparent “retrograde” could discourage someone from the Path.  
    The fastest planet, Mercury, displays this retrograde motion in the sky.  By visiting a planetarium one can witness the apparent “slingshot” of this tiny world around the sun at the end of an apparent deceleration.  It is as if the backward motion is the pulling back of the bowstring.
      I think a proper understanding of any method of self-grading, whether it be a “ladder”, a step, a medal, a degree-whatever, will take into account the fact that THE PATH IS NOT LINEAR!!!  It is a twisting spiral, traversing backwards and forwards,  up and down..  As with any ironing job we have to go back over the garment and revisit the wrinkles we could SWEAR we just ironed out.  
      Over time, a new condition within ourselves WILL arise.  The key is PERSISTENCE. Persistence is dependent upon INTENT.  Intent is related to HEART and WILL.   Purity of heart.   Purity of intent.  Veneration, of ourselves or others, will always be detrimental to the Path-a stumbling block to our progress.  Worship no other human being.  Realize your inherent value.  Ironic it is that the term “veneration” derives from “Venus,”  whose association is with harmony…

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